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RAMPS 1.4 (black edition)



RAMPS 1.4 Black is a special edition with PCB with 75um of copper and quality components.

MOSFET are IRLB8743 (non smoking transistor!)

All boards are tested

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Le schede RAMPS 1.4 Black edition sono assemblate con componenti di qualita' e controllate una ad una.

PCB black con 75um di rame


  • 3 PWM controlled mosfet powered outputs.
  • Power and Thermistor Support for 2nd Extruder.
  • Heated bed control with 11A fuse
  • 3 thermistor circuits, 2x Extruder, 1x heatbed.
  • 5 Pololu Stepper Driver sockets 
  • 6 sets of Digital Pins in headers with VCC and GND for endstops (mechanical endstops included with this kit)
  • Complete with Power Cables for connecting to an ATX PSU
  • Fused at 5A for additional safety and component protection
  • Extra pins broke out : PWM, digital, serial, SPI, I2C and analog
  • Supports Bluetooth and SD add on upgrades
  • Expandable to control other accessories. such as Fans etc
  • Fused at 5A for additional safety and component protection
  • Thermal Overload Protection circuit
  • LEDs indicate when heater outputs on
  • 2x Z Motor Connections for Prusa Mendel Z Axis Applications
  • Open Source Licensed Hardware under GPLv3

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