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About me

I'm Laura Genovesi born in 1977 and my main job is to draw with CAD.

I love the DIY, use old tools and new technologies.
On request I design and make prototypes using FDM technology, SLS and laser cutting.

All my works are published under the Creative Common because I think it's important to have the freedom to study, modify and improve the work done by others.

The philosophy of open source is collaboration, shared growth and openess that is outside market logic. want to be an e-commerce where you can find the basic elements and materials to realize your ideas.

In the little free time I manage a blog where I put down my accomplishments and my experiments:

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Open source hardware community is an ecommerce for parts, kits and materials created to serve the open source community.

The kits are the result of work carried out by me, by contractors or free open-source projects.

For example many 3D printers derived from the RepRap project are open-source and are developed by many people and companies who are part of the community.

Other kits you will find on the site are designed by me, while still others were made by contractors.

We are part of a community so open and collaborative constantly growing!

The open-source hardware movement is therefore a community of people that design and manufacture products in an open and shared way and if you have an idea or a project in the drawer please contact me, we could make it a great project!

I want to thank those who made ​​this possible and that is all the open source hardware community, from the Arduino team, the FabLab, hackerspaces, the RepRap community and all those people who release their projects under an open license.

Laura Genovesi

My company

Open Design di Laura Genovesi

Via A.Pannocchia, 13

57124 Livorno (Italy)

VATID: IT02136760507


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